Faciant meliora potentes!

About us

The folk songs conquer our hearts with their graciousness, dignity, wisdom and deep compassion. Originating in ancient times, they have come a long historical path, absorbing and reflecting the cultural traditions. Songs and dances, myths and legends, lyrical poems convey the warmth of hearts of their authors to the audience.

Without exaggeration, we can say that the collective "Colorful Shawl" is an active promoter of the richest treasure of Russian and Ukrainian folk art.

The idea of a choral ensemble belongs to Irina Fateeva, a graduate of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

The basis of the repertoire - Russian and Ukrainian folk music creatively modified and reinterpreted to express an individual style.

The ensemble is still very young and was founded in February 2008. Since its establishment, the collective constantly has been taking part in various city events, concerts, festivals and conferences.

Today, "Colorful Shawl" is loved and popular among all segments of the Swedish multicultural society.

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